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Upcoming Anxiety Workshop

Come & Join Me in this most awaited!
*** HEAL your Anxiety Workshop *** Huddersfield £25pp
Saturday 9th November 2019
10am - 12noon

Are you ready to:
H elp yourself
E mbrace change
A ccept that you’re worth it
L et go of pain & suffering

Book your place now: 07967 881372

A perfect opportunity to learn some exercises, self help tools & strategies:
- to manage your anxiety/anxiety disorders
- create positive emotions
- let go of negative energies & feelings
- improve self confidence & self esteem
- make the necessary changes you need to start living the best possible version of YOU.
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Rpaid Pain Elimination Therapy

Offering Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy for chronic & emotional pain. (Skype or Clinic base)

What is Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy?

Is the use of Mind Mediating tools to get the unconscious to realise that the physical, emotional or chronic pain is no longer needed.

Pain is a message from the brain to protect us.

Chronic Pain is a message that has outstayed it’s welcome and no longer needed to protect us.


Call Ann today 07967 881372 to see if Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy can help you.

For more info visit my web:

Ann Plews Hypnotherapy clinics are based in Bridge House, Marsh Lane, Shepley, Huddersfield.

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