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* “ This is a revelation for me!! Not only has Ann helped tremendously with my anxiety but she has improved my self-confidence no end. Immediately after I completed my sessions with Ann, I even managed to secure my dream job! Thank you so much Ann, I would highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone!" Hannah E. from Hudds * Results may vary from person to person

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Online Therapy Sessions now available

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural healing of mind and body through deep relaxation and heightened awareness induced by direct suggestions.

Hypnosis is becoming more accepted as a therapy for many emotional and mental problems where the use of medication is sometimes felt to be inappropriate or could possibly result in unpleasant side effects.

Hypnotherapy can be applied to a wide range of medical, dental and psychological problems. Areas of application include anxiety and stress conditions, weight control, addictive behaviours (including smoking, alcohol and substance misuse) and confidence issues. Hypnotherapy is also used to enhance performance in several areas such as sport and public speaking.


Hello and welcome to my site.

I am Ann Plews your Anxiety Specialist & Online Therapist based in West Yorkshire, UK & working with clients locally, nationally & International.  I hope you find lots of helpful tips and relevant information on my website.

Due to the recent events of COVID19 pandemic & social distancing, I now offer all my Therapy sessions online. This means that you can get the support you need in the comfort of your own home. It also means you can access therapy anywhere in the world remotely & online. We can do this via Zoom or Facetime. 

Should you need any more info, you can contact me by phone. email or even through my Facebook page. You can also contact me to book a free, no obligation consultation, just click on the link found on my contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Benefits of Online therapy

*flexible & easy way to access support & therapy

*supporting you in the comfort of your own home

*Access therapy from your couch

*convenient- anytime, anywhere Therapy & support

*safe from the current pandemic situation

*a viable alternative face to face Therapy

*no more travel time

*no more waiting times


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Offering this retreat to those who are ready to enjoy an immersive relaxing experience to help you calm your anxieties & stress allowing you to cope better with ever changing times.


This retreat is for individuals who suffers from stress, anxiety & low-mood and would like to practice self care relaxing techniques on a weekly basis so they can cope better with life & be happier.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

Those who feel isolated & need support to cope with lockdown easing

Individuals struggling to cope with ever changing times.

Parents & children looking to manage or regulate their stress & anxiety.

Students & Teachers that are too anxious to go back to school

Individuals that are tired of worrying , feeling dread & want to relax.

Parents or careers who are exhausted with worries & need to relax.

Those that want to improve their confidence.

Those who would like to attend a Mental Gym each week.


What are the benefits of this workshop?

In this workshop I will show you PRACTICAL, EASY TO FOLLOW SELF-CARE TECHNIQUES that you can apply at home, at work or even at school to help you manage your stress & anxiety, regulate your emotions & feelings.

Emotional Mental Support

Peace of mind

Help to get a restful sleep

Support during lockdown easing & uncertain times

You can be part of a supportive Fb community with like minded people.

Where: online via Zoom & in the comfort of your own safe space or home

 Dates TBA

 Anxiety specialist, 

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