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* "I recently visited Ann to help with my anxiety disorder. I had tried a number of different therapies prior to this visit, none of which had worked. I was apprehensive about trying hypnotherapy but Ann immediately put my mind at rest. She talked me through the steps in a manageable way, making the whole process wonderfully relaxing, rather than daunting. Ann has given me tools that I now use in my daily life, that actually work! This is a revelation for me!! Not only has Ann helped tremendously with my anxiety but she has improved my self-confidence no end. Immediately after I completed my sessions with Ann, I even managed to secure my dream job! Thank you so much Ann, I would highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone!"

Hannah E. from Hudds

* "Got in touch with Ann to help with a few dramas I was going through which were all to do with my sudden intensity of my tinnitus. Wasn't really sure what to expect and was way out of my comfort zone, but right from the off Ann made me feel relaxed, she is very easy to talk to and made me feel at home.
I felt and noticed a massive difference after just one session with her which made me even more positive about the following sessions to come. After each session I felt better and better, like a new person!.

I have gone from an angry tired stressed out antisocial individual to a cool calm collective individual.

Gone from having two hours sleep a night, to being able to sleep between 6-7hrs which for me is amazing.

My tinnitus hasn't got quieter but it doesn't bother me anymore I struggle to think about it and when I try to it's like am not able to concentrate on it! It's hard to explain but the main thing is it does not rule my life anymore!
Which in turn I am able to sleep I am not stressed out over it and I am no longer angry in general."

I would highly recommend Ann to anyone that is after seeking alternate medicine to help with anything truly can not thank this lady enough!."

Danny P. from Brighouse

* "This was my first time of using the services of Hypnotherapy and found that it really helped me to relax and feel more confident. Ann was a lovely person to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again in future."

Sharon from Huddersfield

* "Thanks very much to Ann for solving something that had been bothering me for 35 years, where doctors and force of will had failed."

Catherine from Leeds

* "I would like to say a big thank you to Ann for her her professionalism, patience, kindness and her passion for enabling people to live the life they want. Ann was very generous with her time and knowledge and helped me to unravel and address some complex issues. I originally came to Ann asking for help with overcoming a mental barrier that was hindering my efforts in changing my career. However, Ann soon helped me to identify that there was consequently re-focused our sessions and worked on addressing the underlying issue. I was very grateful for Ann’s warm, welcoming non-judgmental approach and flexibility , which made me fell comfortable and able to share some very personal things. I was very much looking forward to our sessions. As results of our sessions I noticed some significant improvements in the area that we worked on. I also felt that my thought became clearer, I became calmer, more grounded and more optimistic, and therefore better able to deal with stress and move in my chosen direction. I can’t recommend Ann highly enough. Thank you very much Ann! "

V C , York

* 'Ann helped me manage my medical condition, which results in chronic pain. I noticed an immediate improvement from the first session and after all four was equipped with the necessary tools to improve my well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann-her calm and soothing voice was very relaxing.'

                                                                  VM, Huddersfield

* "I really enjoyed the experience and reflected that in my busy schedule I never give myself space and time to just relax and not worry about anything."

Catherine From Leeds

* "What I have found is that Ann is extremely professional in her approach, she is warm and has a manner that makes you feel safe and that actually it is me that is in control of my thoughts and actions, I just had not realised it."

Mrs M from Leeds